With Chiz Escudero

With Chiz Escudero

There is never a dull moment in Chef Reggie’s class. “Anyone who cannot do this had better go into gardening, or play cards, or watch movies,” Chef Reggie would tell her students, who always laugh, never mind that they often hear that funny statement.

They’re almost always the same students, with a new tag-along now and then or a daughter who is beginning to enjoy what her Mom had been attending for the last 10 or 20 years. Now, she understands why on certain days of the week, and the day could vary from Wednesday to Friday to Tuesday, her Mom is driven off to far La Vista in Quezon City from their Pasay or Makati home.

To Chef Reggie, taste is what matters. A food has to be delicious. “It cannot be anything else,” she says. “It all boils down to the taste. One can have a beautiful dish visually, but if the taste does not make you happy, everything else that went into making it look beautiful and inviting is useless.”

It is a dictum that she keeps repeating in class - taste, taste, taste is what matters. It is how to create delicious food that she teaches them.


Class Schedule

Classes are conducted from 9:45AM until 2:00PM on each scheduled day.

Friday August 9 - THE ULTIMATE GULAY CLASS - EVERY HOMEMAKER MUST ATTEND -Basic Vegetables Done Right! - Ginataang Kalabasa with Alimasag, Delicious Pinakbet, Ginisang Green Beans with Sotanghon, Tortang Talong, Poqui Poqui, Gising-Gising, Adobong Kangkong Adobong Labong, Patola with Misua, Best Ever Monggo Guisado. BONUS: American Pork Ribs Kawali Style with Liver Gravy to Pair with Your Vegetables + Homemade Bagnet

Wednesday August 14 - EASY YET DELECTABLE SWEET TREATS - Light as Air Soufflé Cheesecake, Best Ever Apple Pie with Home Made Queso Ice Cream with Cinnamon Sauce, My Decadent Chocolate Cake with Caramel Sauce, Avocado Cake, Mascarpone Filled Mixed Berry Shortcake BONUS: Baked Macaroni for Lunch

Friday August 16 - TOP NOTCH - Best Ever Japanese Baked Oyster with Toasts, Corn Chowder, TDF Roasted Bone Marrow Platter with Condiments (Beef and Onion Jam), Surumi Crab Leg Salad with Avocado, Baked Beef Stroganoff, Truffle Butter Roast Chicken, Vanilla Soufflé with Home Made Vanilla Ice Cream, Creme Anglaise, Raspberry Sauce and Fresh Berries

Wednesday August 21 - EASIEST, FASTEST YET MOST IMPRESSIVE ONE DISH MEALS COOKED IN SHEET PANS - A MUST FOR THOSEE WHO LOVE TO IMPRESS BUT ARE LAZY TO COOK! GREAT FOR ENTERTAINING - The Grand Breakfast Sheet Meal (Corned Beef Hash, Baked Sausages, Eggs, Potatoes, French Toast), Dimsum Sparerib Rice, Burger Steaks with Mixed Mushrooms Over Smashed Potatoes, Barbecued and Smoked Roast Pork Neck with Baked Corn on the Cob with Fries, Baked Parmesan Chicken Rice, Prawn and Shellfish Bake

Friday August 23 - POTLUCK PARTY PLATTERS- Garlic Olive Oil and Butter Basted Grilled Salpicao with Roasted Garlic Rice and Buttered Vegetables, Salted Caramel Spareribs with Corn Salad and Baked Potatoes, Garlic Chicken Confit with Creamed Potatoes, Truffle and Mushroom Pasta, Salted Egg Baked Giant Prawns Over Aromatic Jasmine Rice

Wednesday August 28 - FRIED - Shoestring Potato Salad with Bacon and Feta with Raspberry Vinaigrette, Best Ever Vietnamese Lumpia, Brined and Fried Chinese Style Salt and Pepper Pork Chops with Fujian Fried Rice, Best Fried Spring Chicken with Homemade Banana Catsup with Fried Garlic Rice, Succulent Fried Lechon with Sauces and Relishes. Bonus: Perfect Turon

Friday August 30  - LET’S DO THE BOODLE 2019- THE DELICIOUSNESS OF THE PICTURE PERFECT BOODLE FIGHT CLASS OF 2018 INSPIRED ME TO DO ANOTHER VERSION OF MY BOODLE FIGHT WITH BRAND NEW RECIPES - Sotanghon Salad, Grilled Watermelon Sinigang na Baboy, Delicious Inihaw na Lamb Belly, Aloha Chicken Barbecue,  Crab Stuffed Lechon, Ginataang Baka, Delectable Shell Fish Rice, Fried Baby Pusit, Ensalada, Rum Scented Banana Cue. Special Class – 2,500 + Ingredients  

Wednesday September 4 - HOUSE MADE- Make Your Own Kesong Puti, Sous Vide Dulong, My Gourmet Tuyo 2 Kinds, 2 Kinds of Suman (Lola’s Moron and Ube Malagkit with Butter Latik Sauce), Yummy Polvoron (My Way and Pistachio), Pork Neck Hamonado with Pan de Sal. Bonus: Tuyo Rice

Friday September 6  - INTRODUCING GALLO OLIVE OIL “My Preferred  Olive Oil!” - Tapas Spread Familiar Favorites Done My Way: Garlic Infused Olive Oil Rib Eye Salpicao with Caramel Onions, Pollo Riojana, Argentine Pink Prawn al Ajillo, Mushroom al Ajillo, Sardinas en Escabeche, Roasted Lamb Lechal Spanish Style. Bonus: My Favorite Authentic Piri-Piri Chicken by João Branquinho. Chorizo, Olive Oil and Reggie’s Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Tasting. MUST ATTEND, MANY SURPRISES! Special Discounted Class – 1,800 + INGREDIENTS

Wednesday September 11 - WHATEVER YOU SAY, I STILL LOVE RICE - Steamed Wagyu with Garlic Enoki Mushroom Rice, Roasted Beef Belly Korean Stew Style Served Over Kimchi Rice with Water Kimchi, Arroz a la Cubana with Cuban Beef Short Rib Stew, Japanese Charsiu Don, Lamb Shawarma Rice, Chestnut Fed Pork Lagarto Cooked Barbecue with Javanese Rice

Friday September 13 - CHEESEEEEEEE! - Put Together an Impressive Antipasto Platter, Burratta Pizza Salad with Dressed with Basil Olive Oil, Pasta with Stracciatella Sauce with Mushrooms and Foie Gras, Roasted Prawn Penne with 4 Cheese Sauce, Short Ribs Stewed in Port with Mushroom Gorgonzola Risotto, Baked Tiramisu “Cake.”

Wednesday September 18 - PANG BAHAY - EVERYDAY RECIPES DONE RIGHT - Perfect Halabos na Hipon, Bulalo Barbecue Served with Bulalo Broth and Sinangag sa Bulalo, Baked Cheesy Bangus, Fried Garlic Chicken, Macaroni Salad, Pusit con Chorizo, Buko Pandan Ice Cream

Friday September 20WELCOME THE HOLIDAYS WITH AGUILA – ENTERTAINING FOR A CROWD - Grilled Sausage Galore with Sides and Condiments, Mixed Chorizo Rice with Piquillos and Fried Eggs, Putting Together the Perfect Cold Cut Spread, Pinoy Breakfast Boodle Fight, The Ultimate American Breakfast Spread, Juices. MUST ATTEND, MANY SURPRISES! Special Discounted Class – 1,800 + INGREDIENTS

For more information and reservation of seats

0920 9 REGGIE (Smart)/ 0917 5543700 (Globe)


Student’s Stories


“I have not stopped attending because right in the first class, I saw that Chef Reggie had a unique approach to sharing her knowledge. She teaches and cooks with love and passion, something that is missing in a number of chefs who try to teach. She could also teach without a ‘codigo’ (teacher’s cheat reference sheet), which only confirms her knowledge of her craft is very keen. As I love listening to her, including her jokes, I do not only learn new recipes, I also get to relax. Chef Reggie’s classes the best stress relievers for me."-- Melanie Chua

“I love the way Chef conducts her classes. She makes food magically. I mean no matter what dish she teaches us, the outcome is always super delicious. Chef could concoct a dish right before our eyes as she picks ingredients here and there. The result is always perfect. She really does wonders in the kitchen. As a young housewife, I used to try and do some standard dishes but they somehow didn’t turn out right, but after I began attending her classes, I learned how to do them correctly, like the way I cook my steaks and salads. Believe it or not, I also can make ice cream now.” -- Abby Dichaves

“Chef Reggie is a bottomless pit of new ideas, new recipes and information. She is brilliant. She is a genius. Her creativity surpasses anyone I know. Everything is in her head. In fact, she does not need recipes to guide her in teaching us. We had to bring notebooks to class and wrote the recipes as the class proceeded. I did not think that was unfair because she did not have notes too. Everything she said and taught came straight from her head and heart. There is always a new recipe to be learned. It is not like her to repeat her lessons so if you miss it, it is your loss. While Chef Reggie has taught the class recipes from various countries, she adjusts to local taste and the availability of ingredients, and the results are always better than the original.” -- Imelda Tan

“Chef Reggie's teaching method is not just limited to the cooking procedure or the steps. She also tells us about how we should choose our pots and pans, our knives and ladles. And then, she shares where to buy the best ingredients in the city. She is not just a good teacher, she is a great friend.” -- Judy Uy