Kitchen Luck: Bespoke Feng Shui by Master Aldric V. Dalumpines

Kitchen Luck - Master Aldric.jpg

Bespoke means customized or simply tailored fit. Not “one size fits all,” but fitted well for each person.  The same unique concept applies to every aspirant in having kitchen luck according to Feng Shui science! This is the crucible test where Feng Shui wannabes epically fail gullible clients who treat anything advertised as gospel truth especially online.

Kitchen layout comprises half the luck of a house or restaurant or business in Feng Shui. Fail in this regard and simply kiss Feng Shui luck goodbye! Here are a few examples.

A popular Thai restaurant in BGC took my advice to redo their kitchen gas lines to the consternation of the business partners. But that move paved the way to tenfold payback dividends to all partners in less than a year.  News of this enticed the interior designer of a popular café in Quezon City to try my Bespoke Kitchen Feng Shui! The rest was history as they became the top selling restaurant in the country, steadily expanding to Makati and Alabang then England. 

A governor-turned-entrepreneur also tried me for his homes and a relatively new restaurant in the Scout Area in Quezon City. Because he took my advice, their restaurant is probably one of the best-selling restaurants in Manila based on daily sales revenues! So yes, even politicians believe in my Kitchen Luck. If you want proof, an ordinary housewife became a successful politician after I aided her with her home’s kitchen layout. Even the smallest bit of Feng Shui maintenance helped her become one of the best politicians in the region.

An owner of a popular restaurant chain needed help with one of his branches in Capitol Golf, and so I gave them crucial advice: Just a rice cooker twist, and he was able to afford an elevator. The rest was history as his restaurant eventually became rent-free. The same technique of just positioning rice cookers and other kitchen appliances propelled a chain of hotels to expand to Boracay, Bohol, Palawan and other sites! Who better knows this than our Kitchen Rescue darling, Chef Reggie Aspiras, where upon a re-layout and renovation of her kitchen loft turned her aspirations for good fortunes into culinary delights!

The kitchen, not solely pertaining to the home but pantries of a business where there are cooking appliances, makes 50% of the total template of life energy management. It is regarded as the radiator of energy and defines the income generating and savings capacity, of a home or a business. The remaining 50% is divided between the main doors and the master’s bedroom, inclusive of the direction of the headboard. The absence of a kitchen or pantry leaves those who deal with services or mall retailers, handicapped; leaving them running only on 50% capacity. To secret to boosting their sales is to put a microwave or a small oven toaster facing the sunset.

The thing is there is no fixed formula for kitchen layout as it is customized or bespoke in favor of the business or household breadwinner. Everyone has their own lucky orientation/ kitchen. While there are individual differences I can give you an average positioning that is practically safe for every one. So, find out your secret bespoke customized lucky kitchen. You know whom to call as your Lucky Feng Shui Chef!  For the right recipe, just text 09993128168 for a luck transforming delightful experience felt to the bone marrow!

Here are just some tips. Never have faucet sink face any stove, have its faucet fixed not swiveling.  Never water under or over any cooking appliances like microwave above refrigerator! If water and fire elements are facing or over each other there will be no Harmony as these elements quarrel incessantly. Only high heat Chinese stoves are allowed faucets atop them. That's all!