There are dishes that you are actually excited to eat, and more often than not, these were made using a special ingredient, or have a complementary sauce, marinade, or condiment.

Because I am quite particular about cooking (an obvious understatement), I developed my own line of products to exemplify the precise quality I want from a certain ingredient. Countless hours went into each individual offering, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I loved formulating them.

Available Now

Together with the oldest distillery in the Philippines, Destileria Limtuaco, I released my Aromatic Seasoning Wine in 2016. A one of a kind spirit made from Philippine rice wine, local herbs and spices.

I have also released a diverse food line that ranges from: Seasoned Vinegar; Fish Candy and Mixed Nut Variations; Porky Pops; Ready to hEat and Ready to Cook food… with more in the pipeline. For a complete list of what’s available text 0917-554-3700/ 0920-9-734443(REGGIE).

Olive OilS

I have been long looking for an Olive Oil that is of excellent quality yet decently priced. Luckily I found Gallo, and they agreed to bring in their products freshly pressed before shipping them to the Philippines. Gallo comes in three variants, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Late Harvest, and Moonlight Harvest. We are launching the oils on September 6. If you want a special slot for the oils, you can call 0920-9-734443(REGGIE).