Barista PY Yupangco In Reggie's Kitchen


The classic Italian cappuccino is typically one of the stronger espresso-based drinks.  Traditionally, the cappuccino was only served in the morning, and never drunk in the afternoon or the evening. Obviously, modern society has since altered these conventions, and a good steaming cup can be enjoyed any time of the day.

Around the world, a number of coffee experts consider the cappuccino as the best barometer to judge the quality of a coffee shop. In a way, this is a tacit affirmation of “doing something basic exceptionally well”. Of course, nothing could be more basic than a cup of plain black coffee, but a cappuccino involves other simple parts that must be blended in the perfect ratio: espresso, steamed milk, and foam.

So if a cappuccino is the frothy standard by which we should evaluate a barista’s skill, then what are the components of a truly exceptional one? Although I consider myself a coffee lover and delight in caffeinated beverages of all varieties, I decided to enlist the help of Paolo "PY" Yupangco of the Barista & Coffee Academy of Asia.

In the following video, PY demonstrates his proven method for making an enlivening cup of cappuccino. In terms of its aroma, smoothness, and rich taste, this woke me up with a splendid surge of flavor. Enjoy!