Second Batch


1. Pure Jus by Kristal

It is to juicing that I credit my sudden dislike for and non-consumption of soda. It also helps me stay away from chocolates and pastries. Made from organic produce, Pure Jus is cold-pressed (to retain the vital enzymes and nutrients) and made from 100-percent fresh fruits and vegetables. It contains no preservatives, water, fillers or sugar. It’s made and delivered to your doorstep daily. For more information call ‎+63 917 510 1771 or visit

2. Ooh La La! Cakes

“Shining, shimmering, splendid!” Rebecca Disini’s flawless mirror cakes capture your reflection and brings appreciation for handcrafted cakes to “a whole new world.” My personal favorite is Le Matcha, which is sublime, silky, smooth, decadent and refined, each bite a complex mouthful. It is a cake, mousse, panna cotta and chocolate ganache in one, the taste buds sensing hints of chocolate, white chocolate and an intensely fresh matcha finish. For Mirror Cake and Cookies for Good Inquiries, call ‭‎+63 998 557 0205‬ or email Allow 3-4 days lead time.


3. Fish Head Curry (Tao Yuan)

Absolutely the best. The play of flavors of this fish head curry is incredible! The sauce alone is to die for; well balanced, aromatic and spiced just right. Think of the sauce as soup! Delicious! I like this best in their Mabini Branch. Tao Yuan 508-512 Gen. Malvar st. corner A Mabini st. Malate; 2nd Flr ChinaTown Mall, Reina Regente st. Binondo; 2nd Floor Resort’s World, New Port. (David Chua 09178952828)

4. Lamb Lechon & Baka Ka Itong

Beef or lamb, this is one of the best lechons, I have tried. Every part of the animal I took a piece from,  was so tasty and so tender. The skin was intensely tasty with a charred smokiness and a delightful chewy bite to it. Call Ka Itong - ‎09196363204, ‎09176030274

5. Purple Shampoo L’Oreal

It keeps my hair color fresh for months. "When hair is lightened or turns grey, its natural warm tones become visible and often throw unwanted yellow tones. The deep purple shampoo helps to neutralise these tones maintaining your blonde or white colour. Formula helps deliver toning results while nourishing and protecting the hair fibre, giving a boost of shine." You may purchase this purple shampoo at any leading salons near you.


6. Choi Garden Green Spinach Noodle

I took a personal liking to the Fresh Spinach Noodles. The way it was cooked was simple; which was exactly why I loved it. With strips of pork asado, shrimps, thin slivers of bell pepper and eggs - the dish was tasty - though subtly. It was seasoned lightly, tasted clean and had an enjoyable bite. For this special menu, contact Choi Garden in advance at ‎724-5343, ‎727-7489, call ahead of time as these noodles are brought in from Hong Kong and not always in stock.

7. Quevedo Port Wines

Ruby Port - In need of good Port? The Quevedo Ports are my go to. The Ruby Port is more intense and fruity. It is ideal for chocolate pairing blue cheese and gorgonzola cheese. The Tawny Port is more round, woody, aged longer, and a perfect pair for dry nuts, egg based sweets and mild cheese. These are dessert wines but can be used in cooking and baking, instead of rum. For more details about the Quevedo wines, check out their website

Nine Pillow.png

8. Mr. Big’s 9 position Pillow

It’s the only pillow that I know of that comes with 9 ways of using. It’s my dream pillow. The 9 pillow named following its shape, the 9 pillow is an ergonomic solution for those who prefer to sleep on their sides. Mr. Big pillows are stuffed with Elasta Fiber, a material imported from the UK that provides optimum cushioning and will not clump over time. The finishing fabrics are 100% cotton, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. Mr. Big pillows and sleep essentials are available in selected SM Homes. Visit Mr. Big Pillow Philippines FB page Mr. Big Philippines.


9. SEGOVIA’S Mamon

Light and soft, yet a satisfying mouthful. If there's such a thing as main course mamon, this is it. For more information, you may call them via 725-2849 / 727-4616, or visit their store located at # 7 M.A. Reyes St. Little Baguio San Juan, Metro San Juan del Monte 1500


10. Bicol Express Chips

Every chip to me, is an expression of how many of us like to eat - a bit salty, a tad sweet, with a tinge of chili and to finish - a lingering richness from thick coconut cream.  A fiesta in the mouth! Crackle Bicol Express Chips are sold in bazaars. For wholesale orders call ‎09176803777 and ‎09209813777. Or follow them in IG and FB @cracklesnacks for their bazaar schedules.


11. Tsukiji’s Steak

I went back last week to eat their steak, it remains unforgettable. Turns 30 years old this month. There’s a reason why restaurants last this long. Good Food. Simple! Tsukiji  Japanese Restaurant - ‎(02)843-4285, ‎(02)812-2913 3F 900 Arnaiz Ave., Corner Paseo de Roxas Makati City

12. Republic of Taste Book

I urge every patriotic foodie to get a copy of the book Republic of Taste.  Every page tells a story. Each recipe, a testament to our uniqueness as a person, through food. Learn about the Chabacano-Caviteño cuisine concept of “terno-terno” where the food is paired in terms of taste, texture, and flavor and  “tono-tono”, where the taste and texture, complement each other and therefore, in tune. For a copy, email:

Jemaima Rae Porter