Salmon poached in olive oil

Curing fish is a very popular technique  among Israeli chefs it is the influence of the Jewish people emigrating from the east of Europe which are also called “Ashkenazim Jews” here is my version for a salmon cured in olive oil .

For 4 plates:

●       12 slices of 2 cm thick salmon  skin removed

●       Coarse salt - approx 1 cups

●       2 bay leafs

●       1 teaspoon allspice

●       1 teaspoon cilantro seeds

●       1 teaspoon coarse ground black pepper

●       2 branches of fresh thyme

●       2 medium size onions - sliced

●       1 mild  olive oil or canola oil approx 2 cups

●       1 chilli pepper sliced

Method :

Place the salmon slices in shallow dish.

Sprinkle a thin even layer of coarse salt on the flesh of the fish , cover with cling film, and set aside in the fridge for approx 30 minutes, this will make the fish flesh firmer, will take out some moisture out and will make the texture more tender.

Remove the salt from the fish , place the fillets in ball of freshwater and change the water 2-4 times until water is clear and does not taste strong to salt.

Pat dry the slices skin and place in a tray approx 5cm deep and approx 20 cm long on 15 wide.

Place the spices and slice onions on top , if you are planning to make a big batch of cured fish than arranged the filets and sliced onions in layers .

Place the oil in a small pan and heat up till arrives to 67 degrees celsius, pour directly over the fish ,making sure it covers the fish.

Set aside to cool and place in the fridge for at least 3 hours before serving/

For serving:

●       12 baby potatoes boiled with skin on till soft and sauteed in olive oil season with salt and pepper and crushed garlic

●       150 gr of enoki mushrooms sauteed in olive oil seasoned with salt and pepper.

●       Place the potato in the bottom of a serving plate, place on top of the fish, onions, enoki mushrooms and drizzle with fresh lemon juice.