A taste of Black Onyx Angus–the perfect steak

Black Onyx Angus Chuck Rib Twice Cooked



  • 1.2 Kg Black Onyx Angus

  • 1 liter Bone Roaster Veal Jus

  • 20gm Cajun Rub

  • 20ml Olive Oil

  • 10gm Sea Salt

  • 10gm Black Pepper

  • 50gm Carrot

  • 50 gm White Onion

  • 50gm celery

  • 50gm butter

For Serving

Mashed Potatoe 60 gm per serving

Red Capsicum 30gm

Courgette 30gm


Rub the ribs dry with clean tissue and rub in the dry Cajun Rub and salt and pepper

Massage in the olive oil and cook in a high oven for 25 minutes – 250C

Reduce temperature to 140C and further cook for an hour

Add the vegetables to the Veal Jus and bring to boil, add in the Chuck Rib which has been cut into ribs size.

Slow Braise for an hour, till meat leave the bone.

To Serve

Prepare the mashed potato as per packets

Sauté the vegetable and get ready to plate

Put mashed potato on plate and rest the rib on the mashed potato

Garnish with the sauté vegetable

Spoon cook sauce over

Black Onyx Angus Rib Eye with Mushroom Ragout



300gm Black Onyx Ribeye Steak

50gm Bones Roasters Veal Jus 25 Brix

50gm Mixed Mushroom

60gm butter

50ml Olive Oil

2 clove of garlic halves

1 spring of thyme

20gm Sea Salt

20gm Black Pepper Crushed

To Serve

40gm Steak Cut Fries

60gm Mixed Green Salad – dressed in Venture Ranch Dressing


In a hot pan, add in the butter and olive oil, sear the ribeye steak and allow to caramelize the cooked side before flipping over to other side.

Add in the garlic and thyme to the fat and spoon the hot flavored oil over the steak to get a crispy steak

Cook to the desired doneness, remove and set aside to rest

In the same pan, sauté the mix mushroom and add in the veal jus and allow to simmer till thicken

To Serve

Slice the Steak into bite size, slang abit and garnish with fries and salad which has been tossed in a little dressing

Spoon the ragout over or sit below the steak