Online seafood shop—a welcome new wave


Delivered right at your doorstep, as you like it, is not how seafood is bought. But it’s what Marvin Jason Tan of Marvs Boqueria wants to keep his grandmom Maria Castro’s seafood stall in Arranque Market relevant in the digital age.

The small stall that his Lola Maria set up in 1960 initially sold shrimps and expanded to other seafood.

Marvin’s mother Mira took over the stall and, in 2007, Marvin himself got interested in the business.

Moving forward, he toyed with the idea of selling seafood online. Many were skeptical, his wife Joni included. Seafood is about “seeing the food” to guarantee its freshness.

But there was no stopping Marvin. He felt it was the right time to open an online fresh seafood delivery business.

Jemaima Rae Porter