Delicious, nutrient-packed ‘dampalit’ salad with ‘liempo’

An heirloom kesong puti has recently caught my attention. It’s made at the farm of the Palabyab family in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.

The Palabyabs are good-standing members of their community. Dr. Rufino L. Palabyab was the town’s first doctor. His son, Dr. Efren, followed in his footsteps. Their kesong puti is renowned and a gift reserved for special friends.

Ian, Dr. Efren’s son, believes it’s time to let everyone experience this specialty.

As the clan’s present cheesemaker, Ian follows the old family recipe and makes kesong puti  thrice a week, in limited quantities. It’s called Kesong P’s Premium Kesong Puti, made of premium carabao’s milk, no preservatives, completely organic.

The taste is pristine and refined, rich not tart—like the kesong puti of old.

The keso by itself is good. But I love drizzling it with good olive oil and a sprinkling of parsley. Then I slightly warm the cheese and pair it with hot pan de sal.

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Jemaima Rae Porter